Communicating with third party systems


QMOS is capable of communicating with a wide variety of third party systems. The Interface may be with the shop floor machines, PLCs, testing instruments and more. QMOS also interfaces with the business systems such as SAP, Oracle, AS400 and more.

OPC Interfaces

Through its proprietary L1 interface manager called Listener/Dispatcher (LD), QMOS is capable of performing wide range of communication with any type of PLC driven shop floor system through standard OPC protocols. Some examples of such interfaces are:

  • Melt Shop Automation and Control
  • Rolling Mill Speed Control
  • Sending rolling recipes to the speed control
  • Receiving mill snap shot from the speed control
  • Automatic Tag Printing of Billets and Finished Goods
  • Billet Tracking through the Reheat Furnace and Rolling Mill
  • Production Parameter Capture per Rolled Billet

Interfacing with Any System

QMOS is capable on communicating with a wide range of third party systems. Each system has a different architecture for communicating with third party systems. No matter what the requirements are, QMOS can the versatility to quickly and easily connect and communicate. Some of these communication methods are:

  • API’s
  • Web Services
  • Flat Files
  • SOAP


QMOS has its own proprietary interface management system (IMGUI) is designed to facilitate the interfacing with business level systems. IMGUI monitors the status of the interface and provides a hierarchical view of the transactions per order/heat/batch. This enables the users to access view the history of transactions very easily and effectively for trouble shooting purposes.

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Ross
  • AS400
  • Home Grown ERP Systems