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APEX has enabled our Gerdau IT team to raise its capabilities to a new level.

With APEX, we are now moving towards creating a centralized corporate reporting platform for all of our systems throughout the North America and India. We can now generate graphically rich and informative screens and reports and deliver it to our users in minutes. We can even provide our users with the ability to edit/update the data on these reports.

Through its Alarms and Notifications tools, APEX enables us to monitor the health of our many systems and get warned of any potential issues before they become a problem.

Jason Magill
IT Lead
Gerdau North America Industrial Applications



With all the critical decisions that have to be made in a manufacturing facility, good reliable data is a must. That data needs to be presented in a professional and easy way to understand. APEX is the tool that gives manufactures what they want.

With APEX, users are able to create professional reports in the way that allows the data to mean the most to them. It is providing our management and operator teams the critical data when they need it most. APEX enables us to create custom graphically rich screens and reports in minutes.

These screens have proven to be a successful motivation to our production teams. APEX has enabled us to have information at our finger tips. And the easiness to view that information via the Web, or email certain reports out daily, has helped stream line the data gathering process and has ultimately helped us make better decisions.

Travis Fisher
Melt/Cast Process Engineer
Nucor Corporation



APEX sends relevant daily/weekly reports of our performance trends and KPIs to all operational and management crew. We now have greater visibility and awareness of our production and performance across the entire plant.

APEX has also helped us improve our quality and efficiency by providing live process displays for our various work areas to help the operators be aware of the process in real time.

Jim Hall
Quality Manager
Gerdau Long Steel North America



APEX has enabled us at Nucor Steel to take a leap forward in terms of information visibility and awareness throughout our entire operation. Our leadership group and operational teams receive comprehensive reports of the production and performance of our rolling operations on a daily and weekly basis. The reports are modern, informative and graphically rich and have helped us stay up-to-date of the latest results.

Joey Loosle
Rolling Mill Manager
Nucor Corporation