Quad Infotech has completed the implementation of its [QMOS] MES system at Gerdau Ameristeel’s Sayreville’s plant


[QMOS] has allowed Sayreville to seamlessly coordinate its steel making and rolling operations from the Scrap Yard all the way to bundling and shipping operations.

Through QMOS’ integrated quality control functions, GA Sayreville utilizes advanced spec management at the melting and rolling stages allowing for accurate management of quality throughout the production process. Furthermore production scheduling has been significantly made easier through one integrated system that tracks billets from their inception at the caster all the way to the end of their lifecycle upon consumption at the rolling mill.

Billet optimization algorithm, customized based on rolling and melting practices, calculates and suggests the optimum billet to melt for a given finished good product length, based on known losses in the mill.

Through its advanced shop management modules such as the roll shop, guide shop, stand building and more, the Sayreville’s setup shops has taken advantage of many functions such as inventory and location management, product setup, shop planning, account summary and much more.

The advanced data analysis tools in QMOS as well as its standard and custom production and KPI reports provide the Sayreville plant with great opportunities for targeted process analysis and performance evaluation.