Quad Infotech has completed its implementation of QMOS MES system at Gerdau’s Rancho Cucamonga plant


Quad Infotech has successfully commissioned QMOS in Gerdau Rancho Cucamonga, CA. QMOS went live on November 7, 2011 with the Rolling Mill to be the first go come online with the new system followed by Melt Shop, QC and Scheduling.

QMOS has streamlined the data entry and post production analysis for the users. Prior to QMOS, data was entered in several places, whether electronically, through the use of the existing system and excel, or manually on paper records. With QMOS, the mill has been able to fully integrate their production process in a centralized system allowing them to access real-time information in visually enhanced and data rich screens.

Prior to the initiation of the Go-Live milestone, identified Gaps at the beginning of the project were delivered and verified by the users. In the Melt Shop, changes were made to the Alloy Calculator in its ability to calculate the expected weight of the heat currently melting in the furnace. Using a series of conditions to calculate this weight, QMOS is able to determine the optimal quantity of Carbon and Manganese to add. This allowed the Melt Shop to maximize the cost effectiveness of Alloys added while maintaining a strict discipline on how much Manganese and Vanadium to add for a heat.

Ladle and Mold Management systems have been at the forefront of the Melt Shop implementation once again. New changes were introduced with the QMOS version operating in Rancho whereby users have Ladle and Ladle Component editing capabilities and new reports have been designed to convey increased value added data.

Scheduling for the Rolling Mill and Melt Shop in QMOS has greatly reduced the lead time in production planning. Furthermore, changes have been made which allow the reapplication of heats against an already planned heat(s), in addition to the already existing feature of reapplying to a different work order. The scheduling has also led to an improved management of the mill’s billet yard with real time visibility of the billets’ physical locations.

In the Rolling Mill, QMOS’s advanced Roll Shop management modules, which govern location management, product setup and account summary, amongst others, have provided the users in Rancho with yet another advantage in maintaining data in a centralized repository. Furthermore, logistical improvements recommended by Quad have considerably reduced the time spent in printing, delivering and attaching tags to bundles.

An abundance of process specific data analysis tools coupled with industry standard and custom production KPI reports have provided the Rancho mill shift/crew performance evaluations opportunities and insight into how production measures against predefined goals.

Gerdau is the second-largest minimill steel producer in North America with annual manufacturing capacity of over 9.0 million tons of mill finished steel products. Through its vertically integrated network of 17 minimills (including one 50%-owned minimill), 17 scrap recycling facilities and 46 downstream operations, Gerdau primarily serves customers in the eastern two-thirds of North America.

Quad Infotech is a software engineering and design company that specializes in the development of industrial computer software for the steel industry. Quad’s unique combination of steelmaking and rolling process knowledge, combined with computer software design expertise, renders Quad’s Level-2 and Level-3 software products unique in the global steel minimill market. [QMOS] has been operating in numerous steel plants throughout North America and Europe since 1994.