Quad Infotech completes the QMOS – SAP integration at CMC


The integration teams from Quad Infotech and CMC SAP team completed the integration of QMOS and SAP at CMC. With this integration, CMC is able to achieve an efficient link between production and sales unit as well as the corporate office.

The integration was performed for all four CMC plants using QMOS. These plants are:

  • CMC-Texas
  • CMC- South Carolina
  • CMC-Alabama
  • CMC-Arkansas

The integrations cover all aspects of communication between QMOS and SAP from order download all the way to reporting of the Finished Goods.

About Quad Infotech: Toronto-based Quad Infotech Inc specializes in the development of industrial MES systems as well as information visibility and awareness solutions. The company’s QMOS system has experienced increasing acceptance throughout the North American steel industry, with implementation in more than 25 steel mills. QMOS has become the MES standard for corporations such as Gerdau Ameristeel and CMC Steel.

About CMC: Since 1915, Commercial Metals Company (CMC) has manufactured, recycled and marketed steel and metal products and related materials around the world.

  • CMC is an efficient, high quality, low-cost producer.
  • CMC is one of the few steel companies with investment grade public debt ratings.
  • CMC has a high degree of vertical integration and is organized into five business segments across two geographic responsibilities.
  • From rolled aluminum to steel joists, CMC can provide the metal products you need, at the cost you want, with the quality you deserve. You can access our products and services easily via our menu above.
  • ¬†Commercial Metals Company stock is traded on the NYSE under the symbol CMC.