Rolling Mill

Production and Performance Management of the Rolling Mill


QMOS Rolling Mill Production module manages the flow of information from the time billets and blooms are charged into the reheat furnace up to the end of the cooling bed. During this process, all process information is gathered and recorded throughout the mill and production and performance metrics are made available in real time.

This module enables various sections of the rolling mill to access and manage specific information that is vital to them to operate efficiently.

Information from other QMOS modules such as Scheduling, Melt Shop and Quality control flows seamlessly through the Rolling Mill operational screens. This allows complete information awareness which eliminates operational and quality mishaps caused by lack of communication. Such mishaps are one of the greatest sources of operational and production deficiencies, customer complaints and recalls.

The QMOS Rolling Mill module provides powerful analysis tools and reports for detailed KPI definition and calculations. QMOS offers exclusive techniques for calculation of performance which is unique in the industry. These techniques combined with the customer’s own KPI definitions provide a wealth of process and performance information for detailed and accurate analysis and improvement.


QMOS provides the following main features in the Rolling Mill:

  • Heat/Billet Verification
  • Bar Tracking
  • Mill Setup Sheets
  • Live Production Pace and Performance Analysis
  • Production Monitoring at all Stations
  • Production Reporting
  • Shift Planner & Analysis
  • Mill Calendar
  • Finished Goods Analysis
  • Delay Tracking and Analysis
  • Production and Performance Analysis
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Standard and Custom KPIs
  • Comprehensive shift Reports
  • Quality Control
  • Pass design Monitoring
  • Crew Time Sheet Management
  • Bonus Calculation
  • Production Forecasting
  • Reheat Furnace Gas Usage and Analysis

Billet Tracking and Mixed Heat Prevention

QMOS can track the billets from the time they are charged into the reheat furnace all the way up to bundling. Throughout rolling, process parameters such as temperatures, dimensional measurements (during and post rolling), real-time R-factors, etc. are collected and attached to each bar. These information become a part of the end-to-end product genealogy that enables the user to study the complete life-cycle for each product or heat.

The billet tracking also enables QMOS to identify and warn of possible mixed heat situations.


Pace Management

With QMOS, every second of rolling is accounted for. This enables QMOS to better identify areas of opportunity especially when it comes to rolling pace. Process engineers can perform detailed analysis of the pace and work towards improving the overall utilization of the process.


R-Factor Analysis and Recipe Standardization

QMOS interfaces with the speed control system to collect the rolling parameters from each bar. These parameters are analysed for optimization of the rolling recipes. These recipes become a part of the standard operating procedures to ensure adherence by all crews.


Delay Analysis

QMOS provides advanced and user friendly tools for managing the delays. The Delay Structure Management tool enables the rolling mill process engineers to create a multi-level delay hierarchy based on Responsibility, Area, Equipment, Observation, Action and Reason.

The operational screens of the rolling mill provide the operators with a user friendly interfaces to quickly and efficiently enter the information for each delay.


Shift Reports

Highly detailed and informative shift reports have been a favourite feature for the operators and supervisors. All past and present shift reports are available with a few clicks of the mouse. In addition, a vast inventory of standard and custom reports is available to fulfill any information requirements.


Analytics and KPIs

QMOS provides powerful analytics throughout its application suites as well as its Manufacturing Intelligence suite. QMOS provides many standard KPIs which are considered the industry’s best in class. Any customized KPIs can be added based on the needs of our customers.