In-line Finishing

Management tools for finished goods


QMOS manages the in-line finishing process in over 30 plants worldwide. All different process variations have been included to enable the users to configure QMOS to fit their specific process.

The Finished Goods Tagging and Management module handles the operations related to creation of finished goods all the way to downstream activities, certification and EDI and final staging and delivery.

QMOS manages the creation and tagging of the finished goods. The finished goods are automatically allocated to work orders or sales orders allowing real time order fulfillment providing instant production to delivery capabilities. Any additional operations such as saw cutting, straightening, and more is also managed in detail with full audit trail and historical details.

Integrated QC functionalities allow for any quality issues to be raised instantly. These quality issues may have started anywhere from the melting of the heat, casting of the blooms, rolling or anywhere else in the process. The powerful and fully integrated quality control functions of QMOS ensure that the most minute quality details are not overlooked. The affected material is quarantined until the quality flag is removed by the QC department.

This module also manages the finished goods inventory by allowing crane operators to report any movement of material such as stack to stack movements, staging for delivery and more. Full audit trails allow the user to see all transactions on the finished goods from the time of creation till delivery.

Detailed interfaces allow finished goods information to flow from QMOS to corporate ERP systems, thus keeping all management hierarchies aware as to the progress of individual mills.


QMOS provides the following main features:

  • Finished Goods Tag Printing
  • Tag Maintenance
  • Down Stream Processing
    • Reworking
    • Cutting
    • Straightening
    • Turning
    • Other Offline Operations
  • Purchased Goods
  • Finished Goods Inventory
  • Comprehensive History and Audit Trail
  • Customer Returns
  • Bonus Calculation
  • Weekly Performance
  • Cooling Bed Monitoring
  • Cold Shear or Saw Operations
  • Packaging Operations
  • Certs and EDI
  • Tag History
  • Finished Goods Disposition

Mixed Heat/Length Management

The bundling process in the rolling mills varies based on the type of products and their customer needs. Sometimes it is desired to mix bars of different heats into the same bundles. Sometime it is desired to mix a range of different lengths into the same bundle. QMOS is configurable to manage all these requirements as well as many other intricacies in the process.


Production Confirmation to ERP

Once production is complete, the results need to be reported back to the ERP system. QMOS interfaces with a wide range of industrial ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Ross, AS400 and more.

The QMOS confirmation process can manage any ERP configuration variations and confirmation requirements. QMOS has its own proprietary interface management system (IMGUI) to facilitate the monitoring of the interface and resolving any issues immediately.