QMOS Version 11.0.0 has been released


Major highlights of QMOS Version 11.0.0 new features are as follows

Melt Shop:

  • Newly designed Pourback function featuring added simplicity in performing transactions and providing a customized report with all related information.
  • Enhancements to LMS module allowing for seamless editing of data during the Refining or Casting process as well as after the fact, once the heat has finished casting.
  • Caster Temperature graphs displayed on the operational screen for improved visibility of trends during the Casting process.
  • Standardized Heat Sheets for all Melt Shop work centers providing real time, data-rich information.

Quality Control / Scheduling:

  • Ability to reapply heats to multiple caster work orders in Heat Scheduling screen is introduced.
  • Ability to reapply heats to other scheduled heats in Heat Scheduling screen for operators is now possible.
  • New Caster Disposition screen has been deployed. It can be used to view the predicted physical properties for groups of billets based on application size and disposition billets accordingly.

Rolling Mill:

  • Newly designed Roll Analysis screen featuring options to allocate new rolls into roll sets and view a roll set’s current information and pass status from one central location.
  • Enhanced bundle tag tracking capability; the system now has the ability to distinguish between automatically and manually created bundle tags.
  • Increased individual bar status modification capability