QMOS Version 10.6.8 has been released


Major highlights of QMOS Version 10.6.8 new features are as follows:

Melt Shop:

  • All new mold tracking system has been added to QMOS. A brand new mold tracking system with ability to build, re-build, track contact time and heat count on the Mold Housing, Mold Tubes and Jacket has been designed. This system allows the mold builders to analyze performance of the caster molds.
  • Much anticipated addition of Shift Notes in the Melt Shop Production (MSP) and LMS (Ladle Management System) modules has simplified the communication between the shift crews. Super Users, Shift supervisors and operators now have the ability to enter categorized and descriptive notes.
  • Further improved and enhanced Ladle tracking system has been integrated into the system. The new changes allow Ladle and Ladle components to be tracked accurately and maintained easily.

Quality Control / Scheduling:

  • Defining new product parameters has been enhanced.
  • Major enhancement to billet yard count corrections. This will aid the billet yard coordinators and reheat furnace operators to correct charged counts in case of errors easily and seamlessly.
  • New screens enabling billet yard coordinators / billet conditioners to schedule internal stack to stack movements. These scheduled moves which can be planned for day to day operations or internal moves on a downday are visible to the crane operators. This will allow for better planning and accountability in the billet yard.
  • Number of required tests for bar sampling can be planned and viewed by the assistant rollers and auditors of the mill. This will ensure internal sampling requirements of the mill are met to ensure customer/mills’ requirements.

Rolling Mill:

  • Better visibility of roll sets available for use in the mill
  • Enhanced functionality for scrapping rolls in inventory
  • Advanced visual tools for displaying rolling mill KPIs
  • Upgraded safeguards implemented to aid in minimizing user error
  • Introduction of automatic bundle weight verification and notification tools to alert mill personnel of discrepancies between theoretical weight and actual weight.