Nucor Steel Texas implements Quad Infotech’s Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) application


Nucor steel has implemented Quad Infotech’s Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) application at its Jewett Texas plant. The MI application provides the process engineers with superior analytical tools for in-depth analysis of the production, performance and quality data. The MI provides the ability for the engineers to perform their analytical tasks in the fraction of the time as they are used to while gaining far better understanding of the process data. The highly graphical tools of MI provide the engineers with multi-dimensional view of the data with drill down capabilities.

Advanced QC analysis gives the quality engineers the power to visualize the quality behaviour of the Chem Size Groups which classifies the various sizes based on chemistry and physical requirements. The genealogy of each production heat is available along with historical process parameters. At the same time, the quality engineers can assess the efficiency of the productions recipes and work towards more efficient and cost effective ones.

Process engineers can perform analysis on all process delays based on multiple production criteria and conditions. They can gain detailed understanding of the problematic areas throughout the mill and plan on preventative or corrective actions.