Nucor Steel completes the implementation of QMOS Finishing at its Connecticut mesh plant

QII Implementation News, QMOS

Quad recently developed an industry first MES solution dedicated to mesh production.

QMOS Mesh covers the end-to-end production process including coil rod drawn to wire and then processed to mesh. Tracking includes dynamically calculating the consumption values of the wire coils on the physical turntable and queued wires that are welded on each line.

The move to QMOS Mesh ensures that the Nucor Connecticut mesh plant records accurate consumption, right allocation of wires that is required by each order and accurate visibility of tags being carried between multiple work orders. In addition to production, the module includes scheduling, delay tracking, seamless ERP interface, proper lot generation based on consumed heats and quality sampling based on ISO requirement of square footage for mesh. QMOS Mesh also gives visibility to improve the production efficiency through Pareto delay analysis and drill down, accurate yields and live uptime tracking.