Keeping the Melt Shop and the Rolling Mill operations in synch using the QMOS Scheduling GANTT Chart


In early 2009, Quad Infotech Inc started collaborating with numerous mini-mill steel production sites, in particular Gerdau Ameristeel Beaumont, TX in an effort to design a graphical interface in form of a Gantt chart to display production of both melt shop and rolling mill in order to highlight the challenges and opportunities related to scheduling of both areas.

This interface is designed to allow the users to evaluate different production scenarios based on inputs relating to production constraints such as tons per hour, start and stop times, scheduled down days and tonnage changes.

The user-friendly dynamic interface allows for rearranging melting and rolling schedules and evaluating different production options in regards to the sequence of orders, without impacting the actual production schedule. Various possibilities for both rolling and melting can be saved, exported and presented to the management groups for final approval. The highly graphical nature of the scheduling Gantt chart, allows for quick identification of flaws and discrepancies in the schedule. This application when used to its full potential will positively impact the scheduling process and decrease chances of scheduling errors.

More importantly advantages gained by using this tool range from energy savings through hot charging to minimizing excess inventory, aiding the scheduler in identifying issues and opportunities that impact production.