Introducing Billet Yard Live


In 2008, Quad Infotech Inc embarked on a project to display billet inventory live in a graphical format. This project was launched to enable schedulers and billet yard staff to quickly identify potential issues with burying heats for upcoming work orders, quickly identify billets and track inventory changes live as they happen.

For the first time in the industry, the users are able to view the billet yard from a horizontal point of view as opposed to the bird’s eye view.

This dynamic screen works in conjunction with other QMOS [Quad Mill Operating System] modules and screens. The setup and search criteria are completely customizable and allow for display flexibility based on user preferences.

The screen can expand over multiple screens. Its powerful filters allow for quick recognition of allocation issues and search methods such as grade, chemistry, age, caster notes, work order assignment and more. These features along with up to the second update of inventory make Billet Yard Live one of a kind.