Gerdau implements the QMOS Scalehouse System in its Midlothian facilities to cover all truck and rail shipping logistics

QII Implementation News, QMOS

Gerdau Midlothian is now using QMOS Scalehouse to manage all Truck and Rail shipping operations.

On the Truck side, the drivers use the self-checkin kiosks to weigh in and proceed to the designated area based on the pickup material.  Each loader is equipped with a tablet where they view and act upon their to-to list.  The loaders have full visibility of the daily schedule, current queues and the wait times of each truck.  Once the loading is complete, the driver proceeds to the self-checkout kiosks to weighed out and receive the appropriate documentations.

On the Rail side, the scheduler can prepare the upcoming pickups and the loaders can proceed to prestage the orders.  Upon the arrival of the rail cars, the orders can be loaded and checked out

The Scalehouse Management System has provided unparalleled visibility and transparency of the entire operations for all operators, loaders and managers.  Live digital boards provide realtime awareness of the shipping operations.

The operational transparency has also created an ideal environment for the loaders and operators to better collaborate as they are better aware of each other’s tasks and workload.

The self-serve kiosks have been essential in speeding up the checkin and checkout times of each truck which has amounted to significant improvements to the Truck Residency Times.