Gerdau Completes the Commissioning of the QMOS MES System in its specialty steel Integrated Plant in India


Gerdau Steel India Limited (GSIL) has completed the first phase of the commissioning of the QMOS MES system at its integrated steel plant in Tadipatri, India.

QMOS receives all orders from the GSIL SAP system and provides necessary tools for managers to validate production and confirm data in SAP. With comprehensive tracking of consumables, temperature zones and Ladles weights, QMOS seamlessly integrates the Blast Furnace with either of the 2 active BOF converters. The specialty steel facility uses QMOS to further track downstream operations at the LMF, VTD and Caster.

The integrated quality spec system in QMOS combined with improved billet testing features and interfaces allow the Blast Furnace and SMS operators to view and track the quality status of each heat and billet throughout production. Analysing the quality results with respect to additives and casting parameters such as temperatures, speeds, oscillation and mold levels, amongst many others, is made easy with the unique analytical tools provided by the QMOS Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) application.

In phase 2, QMOS will be implemented for the rolling mill and finishing operations.