Gerdau Ameristeel’s Beaumont Division Is Live with QMOS


With minor delays along the installation phases, Quad Infotech is proud to announce that Gerdau Ameristeel’s Beaumont, Texas division is officially Live with QMOS Version 10.4.

Although the project took longer than previously expected, it allowed for Beaumont personnel and Quad Infotech’s Consultants to better assess the requirements on the customer side as well as the deliverables set to meet such requirements by Quad.

QMOS’s Melt Shop modules introduced new improvements for the Cater production by allowing users to better asses the parameters affecting their performance.  Information on Strand Speeds, Mold and Tundish Levels, Water Flows and more can be easily gathered and analyzed with the push of a button.

The new Ladle Management System (LMS) module developed by Quad Infotech was also installed with great anticipation.  All information pertaining to Ladles and its components are recorded and displayed on screens for the operators with user friendly features allowing them to manage their daily tasks.

With QMOS, Beaumont users can be sure that all production and inventory management data is readily available at their finger tips in real time.  With customized reports in Melt Shop and Rolling Mill, QMOS ensures nothing is unaccounted for and reporting is as accurate and reliable as possible.