Gerdau Ameristeel Implements Quad’s QMOS System at Wilton


Quad Infotech Inc. recently completed installation of the [QMOS] Level 2 system at Gerdau Ameristeel’s Wilton.

The new system covers the facility’s meltshop, billet inventory, rolling mill, scheduling and quality control.

The [QMOS] system will seamlessly coordinate production operations from the scrap yard through the meltshop, billet yard and rolling mill to the bundling and shipping of finished product. The [QMOS] meltshop system incorporates the latest version of ladle management module that tracks the life of ladle components by the number of heats and/or hot metal contact time.

Through comprehensive analysis of their Batch Casting and Stack-and-Cover practices, QUAD was able to conceptualize and implement solutions specific to Wilton’s production needs. Many of Wilton’s process formulas that were developed during the past two decades were implemented in QMOS so all practices could continue despite the new system.

[QMOS] is making enhancements to Wilton’s Billet Optimization algorithm by incorporating their specific rules which are dependent on several factors, including their Stack-and-Cover practice. The Optimizer will recommend the best billet to use to satisfy the finished good product length, in order to minimize losses and maximize yield.

Wilton’s Setup Shop operations will also be coordinated by [QMOS] with the provision of a comprehensive inventory management system for rolls, guides, bearings, chocks and other important parts and equipment. Through its shop management modules, users can take advantage of a large array of tools for better shop planning, account summary and setup sheets for the mill.

[QMOS] was able to deliver real-time data to the users through visually effective screens and numerous standardized KPI reports to better evaluate performance and help facilitate future decision making.