CMC-Arkansas Live with QMOS 10.5


Magnolia, Arkansas – CMC-Arkansas became the second CMC rolling mill to implement QMOS in March of 2008, and presented new challenges that had to be overcome.

QMOS version 10.5 had to be enhanced to deal with the ability to manage the setup and monitoring of a 3-hi stand, ensuring not only that the right rolls are being utilized, but that roll and pass usage is tracked accurately.

In addition, the CMC-Arkansas mill often uses rail as its raw material.  The various pass combinations and setups associated with rolling different products by slitting many different sizes and weights of rail are all now selectable, as QMOS is able to differentiate between each singular slit strand produced from a single piece of rail.

Quad Infotech Inc is a Toronto based software engineering company specializing in the development of industrial MES systems as well as information visibility and awareness solutions.  Quad Infotech’s QMOS system (Quad Mill Operation system) has fast become the MES software of choice throughout the Steel Mill industry of North America. The QMOS system is implemented in over 25 steel mills today. Its modular architecture allows for the users to choose from a wide variety of tools and functions such as sales order entry, scheduling of the rolling mill and the melt shop, inventory management of blooms/billets as well as finished goods, various shop management systems such as roll shop and guide shop, full process monitoring and control and much more.  QMOS has become the MES standard for corporations such as Gerdau Ameristeel and CMC Steel.

Quad Infotech has also developed the APEX web portal and dashboard system for providing “Total Information Visibility and Awareness” by incorporating advanced methods in gathering, processing and broadcasting information.

CMC Arkansas Produces small bar mill products primarily re-rolled from used rail. Includes fence posts and reinforcing bars. Also rolls billets into angles, rounds, squares, flats and other special shapes. Included are four-fence post finishing shops of Southern Post Company and the rail salvage operations of CMC Rail.  (For more information visit )