Cartersville Plant Upgrade Underway


Gerdau Ameristeel’s Cartersville mill is scheduled for a QMOS upgrade from Version 10.2 to 10.3.

With the initial implementation ending April 2006, Cartersville is ready to receive the full benefits or QMOS Version 10.3.  Although our company has delivered minor enhancements over the last year, the upgrade is necessary as it includes major enhancements to functionalities and database structure in order to increase the advantages received from using QMOS.

The upgrade is scheduled for April 23, 2007 but our team of Business Consultants will on site before hand to complete all data configuration and setup issues necessary to ensure a seamless upgrade process.

With the upgrade to Version 10.3, Cartersville will receive QMOS that is distinct for its stability with respect to the database structure and end-user applications.

Upgrade improvements include:

  • Disposition Control feature allowing our customers to control the editing and display of dispositions in selected screens with respect to Heats, Billets and Bundles.
  • Auto Delay Split feature allowing our customers to customize the delay reasons stored in the database based on automatic signals delivered from the PLC.
  • Improvements to the Alloy Calculator screen.
  • Ladle Management System (LMS) module, which is a standalone module that works in combination with Melt Shop Production (MSP) module and only focuses on the Ladles and their equipments.