Industrial Intelligence, Redefined_

The World Needs More Information Heroes!

Deliver critical process and business data to the users, quickly

Advanced, intuitive tools that enable you to create amazing live channels and reports

One-stop-shop for all process and production information

Merge data from all your data sources including your PLCs into a single source of information

APEX Mobile App

Have access to all your channels and reports anytime, anywhere

Get notifications on your mobile phone or via email

Custom alarms will keep the right people informed of critical process or business events

Link with Your Plant Cameras

Access live feed from your plant cameras via web or phone

Enable users to make data corrections on their reports or screens

Provide data editing capabilities such as append, insert, delete and more

Bring live PLC feed into your channels and reports

Seamlessly merge your PLC data with the data from your other information systems



APEX is a revolutionary application for managing information in the industrial environment. It enables merging the data of your various information systems as well as your plant camera network into rich reports, digital displays, alarms, data exports and much more.

With its user friendly interface, APEX puts you and your team in full control of your data. Fulfill all information needs of your organization from top management to the operational floors. Become an information hero. Go ahead, you deserve all the credit!

APEX monitor

Advanced Data Administration Tools

Multiple Database Connectivity

Connect to your organization’s information systems

Reduce Load on your Servers

Eliminate direct interactions with your information servers – let APEX do manage it more efficiently

Data Retrieval Plan

Schedule data retrievals to ensure your data is always up to date

Advanced Data Processing

Perform various operations on your data, such as pivoting, joins, unions, and even edits

Maintain Data History

Keep track of the changes in your datathrough the history tracking tools in APEX

Goal Management

Define your process and performance goals in APEX and integrate them into your reports

Create Amazing Displays and Reports

  • Generate highly complex and graphical and informative reports effortlessly
  • Live slide shows and digital displays
  • Integrate your plant video camera streams into the displays
  • Integrate your company’s news feed as well as feeds from the internet

Take the Information to the Users, Not the Other Way Around


Improve productivity and collaboration by enabling your users to always be aware of the latest information within your organization:

  • Manual refresh is a thing of the past. APEX uses Push technology to ensure that the displayed information is always up-to-date.
  • Custom email events ensure that the right reports are delivered to the right people, on time.
  • Alarms & Notifications ensure that the right users are informed of all important¬†events throughout the process. These events can be process anomalies, interface failures, incorrect data, etc.
  • The APEX central reporting web portal provides the ability to consolidate the reporting from multiple systems into a central location


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